Monday, November 26, 2012

Farewell to sPANko at Threshold

We tried and tried to get a good crowd to come to the parties for nearly a year with little success. Mostly men came and complained that there were no women there to play with. We offered free admission to women and some came, but not enough, so we had to call it a bust.

We are sorry that it didn't work out as hoped. Please support the other spanking parties around town.
Sincerely yours, Larry

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Got A Pumpkin Ass?

Welcome back all you Spankers and Spankees!

Yes, it is almost Halloween, and we will be having a Pan-Sexual Spanking Party at Threshold on Saturday, October 27th, Noon to 4 PM. There is no need to come in costume, but you are welcome to bring your Pumpkins to smash into quivering masses of delicious palm pie. We have had some trouble getting the word out to women to join in on the fun, both at tops and bottoms, so let your female friends know:

Where- Threshold clubhouse, 11300 Hartland St., North Hollywood, CA 91605 (in the REAR)
When- Saturday, October 27, 2012, Noon to 4 PM (Afternoon Party)
How Much- $10 per person (18 years of age or over only)
Details- Guests must sign a waiver to abide by Threshold rules.
Dress code- Street legal in the door, then whatever you like. Round moons can shine.
Your Host- Larry Kephart

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well, our July party was well attended and very active. We are looking forward to a growing number of spanking enthusiasts to join us on August 25th for more of the same.


sPANko Spanking in Los Angeles will be hosting our monthly Pan-sexual spanking party on Saturday, August 25, from 12 noon to 4pm at the Threshold clubhouse in North Hollywood. Get out of the heat and into the air conditioned Threshold clubhouse for some hot spanking fun.

sPANko parties are for adults, 18 years or older, who are into spanking, paddling, whipping, strapping, caning, flogging, belting or other forms of corporal punishment.

Guests of all types, sizes, backgrounds, shapes, sexual orientations and levels of experience are welcome.

The Threshold (.org) clubhouse is a great place to meet other people who share spanking fantasies in a safe and encouraging environment.

Some come to spank or be spanked, others come to watch, while others use the club as a place to meet and plan private meetings at a later time. No one is ever compelled to do anything that they do not want to do -- and there are no membership fees, dress codes or initiation rites.

Snackies will be provided. We ask for a small donation for sodas and water.

We are not a sex club, but there will most assuredly be nudity aplenty.

Admission is $10.00 cash (only) and you must sign a waiver to enter.

Visit out new website: for more information.

"BOTTOMS UP!" Your Host, Larry

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, our June Spanking Party was somewhat of a success. We had 16 people show up, mostly men, two couples and a single young woman, who was not allowed to play. Where are the women who like to spank or be spanked? Call your friends and contacts in the spanking community and let them know there is a new party in town on the 4th Saturday of each month, Noon to 4 PM at the Threshold clubhouse. Admission is only $10 per person (18+ years of age). The next party is July 28th. Come on down to the REAR of the building as 11300 Hartland Street in North Hollywood. (Hollywoodland Studios) is one block North of Van Owen Street and just East of Tujunga. The Threshold entrance is the black door at the far end.
"Bottoms Up". Your host, Larry

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 26th Spanking Party on schedule

Well, we are starting to grow and have another sPANko party under our belts. I made up 11 different designs of T-Shirts (23 so far) and have sold 6 already. At only $5 each they are a steal.
I went to DomCon at the LAX Hilton and passed out some business cards to people who seemed interested in the party. It is on Saturday, May 26th, Noon to 4 PM as usual for $10 admission. It is the Memorial Day weekend, but we hope many will still come out to spank or be spanked. Remember that snacks and soft beverages are available when you get hungry or thirsty after some intense play, so come on down to Threshold for an afternoon of bun warming. "BOTTOMS UP!" Your host, Larry

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well, our first party was pretty successful on March 24th. Eighteen paid spanking guests came and had a whopping good time. A couple of Threshold members volunteered to help with the admissions gate and let me even get in to play for a spell. Several "Moonburn" gents came as well as "Threshold" members, with a few new faces filling out the crowd.

The next party is scheduled for April 28th, from Noon to 4 PM at the same location, the Threshold clubhouse in North Hollywood. Please tell your friends and partners about it and enjoy some afternoon fun for only $10 (cash) per person.

"BOTTOMS UP!" Your host, Larry

Friday, February 24, 2012

New to Blogging -Give It A Chance

I am brand new at blogging, so here is my first post.

I have created a FetLife group called sPANko Spanking in Los Angeles. It is to help get PANsexual Spanking parties started at my BDSM club, Threshold in North Hollywood, California. As a Gay man, I have been to many Moonburn spanking parties there that are for MEN only. I felt there was a need for others to enjoy spanking there too at an affordable price. I have modeled these parties after Moonburn, as they have a long history of doing a good job getting the spanking, paddling, whipping, caning, etc. going for men.

The first party is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th, from Noon to 4 PM. The admission is only $10 per person, 18 years old or older. Guests who are not Threshold members will have to sign a waiver at the door. Name tags will be available for first names and identification stickers as to role: i.e. Top, Bottom, Switch or Voyeur. All are welcome. There is no sex, drugs or alcohol allowed at these parties, just making those butts get warm and warmer.

Please spread the word and make this first party a whopping good success.

Threshold is a non-profit, all volunteer pansexual organization that is open to all. Please visit their website for the calendar events, address and other information at

Bottoms Up! Yours, Larry Kephart